Curtains for a teenager boy

Adolescence in a boy is a very important period of his formation as a person, therefore, especially his wishes and opinions should be taken into account when decorating his personal room. It is not difficult to choose curtains in a teenager’s room, the main thing is to know what the owner of the home wants, and also to take into account the practical features of the products.

Requirements for curtains in the teenage room

Despite the fact that adolescents consider themselves adults and independent, parents still need to help the child in choosing window textiles.
Firstly, the curtains should be made of natural materials, or of mixed fabrics with the least addition of chemical impregnation.
Secondly, curtains for a teenage boy must meet the practical requirements of the child and parents. This means being as easy to use and easy to maintain.
Thirdly, choosing curtains, do not forget that they should fit into the overall interior of the room, and if they are a bright accent, then only in combination with the entire color palette.Fourth, ease of management will make life easier for both teenagers and parents who do not have to remind each time to curtain complex curtains with hooks in the form of ribbons.
Fifthly, in our opinion, the most practical length of curtains for a teenage room is short products. Unlike girls, boys are unlikely to dream of a baroque room with lush curtains on the floor.
Teenage boys are very changeable in their taste preferences, therefore universal in color and cut curtains are so necessary with frequent changes to the rest of the room interior.

Types of products

The variety of models presented on store shelves will allow any teenager to show their individuality in the design of the room.
Roman. The most popular type of curtain products for practicality and optimal cost. They are a woven cloth of a rectangular shape, horizontally pierced by plastic strips. Roman curtains are installed on a special cornice with a lifting mechanism, when lifting the entire canvas is collected in beautiful smooth folds. They fit perfectly into any interior, combined with any transparent curtains. Very convenient when there is a desk or bed near the window. Teenagers who love minimalism and comfort will appreciate the charm of the Roman curtains for their room.Roll. They take second place after Roman curtains about beauty and wear resistance. Roller blinds are very compact and take up extremely little space. They protect well from the sun and are easy to use and care. They can be combined with other curtains, as well as remain an independent decor.Classic. This option curtains suitable for romantic and subtle natures. As a rule, curtains in the classical style have a floor length, so the approach to such a window should be free. You can choose any kind of fabric, but it is better to give preference to natural materials. For the daytime, hang a transparent tulle, and to protect the room from prying eyes at night and from early sunlight in the morning, curtains made of thick material will come in handy. So you get a double atmosphere in a teenager's room.
White curtains in a teenager's bedroom
Jalousie. Another way to curtain a window if there is furniture near it. The market now has a large selection of different models of blinds, there are vertical, horizontal, made of wood, plastic and bamboo. They are as easy to use as Roman and roller blinds, but unlike them, blinds require thorough cleaning of every detail. And the whole structure goes out of order much faster.
Venetian blinds combined with curtains for grommets
Venetian blinds combined with curtains for grommets
Shortened curtains. No less practical option for window design for a boy’s room. Shorter cut curtains will collect significantly less dust than long curtains, and will not clutter up a small room.

Choose a fabric

We have already mentioned that for a teenager’s room it’s better to opt for natural materials for curtains. But the modern market offers so many types of fabrics that it is sometimes difficult to resist. Let's take a closer look at some types of fabrics for curtains that are worthy of decorating the interior of a young gentleman.
Polyester. Curtains for a teenager from such a fabric will meet all the requirements of modern youth. Draperies from such a fabric do not require special care, they are easy to wash and practically do not need to be ironed. In the manufacture of polyester it is impregnated with special solutions that bestow refractory and water-repellent properties on fabrics, it does not fade in the sun, does not wrinkle. Often, Roman and roller blinds are sewn from it. But given the chemical impregnation of the environmental friendliness of the material, you can forget.
Red skate
Cotton. Natural material, curtains from it are ideal for a teenager prone to allergies. In the care, the curtains of their cotton are not whimsical, however, there is an opinion that such products are easily wrinkled, but judge for yourself to try to wrinkle the fabric, so that the curtains that hang quietly will remain smooth for a long time. If the cotton curtains hang on the sunny side, then over time their color will fade and become faded.

Linen. A very popular material among connoisseurs of eco - trends in interior design. When sewing curtains are often used unbleached or bleached flax, it has no chemical additives and will be safe for a teenage bedroom. Colored linen, like cotton, risks losing its bright colors if used for curtains on the sunny side.
Veil and organza. The most popular fabrics for the day curtain. They are transparent, light, unpretentious in care, give the room comfort and tenderness, just as necessary for a teenager.

Room lighting and curtain color

Psychologists recommend not overloading children's rooms with bright colors, and for teenage bedrooms this is no less relevant. Indeed, during this period, children are easily excitable and their life is full of vivid emotions and emotions, therefore it is very important that the sleeping and working place give calm and peace of mind. Given the wishes of specialists, let's figure out which color compositions are acceptable for a teenage room.
Curtains in a teenager’s room should be combined with other interior items. For example, if the furniture is chosen in bright colors, it is reasonable to dilute the boring atmosphere with bright, attention-drawing curtains. Conversely, curtains of calm tones will bring calmness and balance to the boy’s brightly decorated room.
Orange table with books
For teenagers, photo curtains for a room with images of the city, landscape, reproductions of modern paintings are very popular. In addition, such curtains can be made to order by choosing your favorite pattern. This window decoration method is suitable for a room in a minimalist style without any elaborate decorations.
photo curtains in a teenage room
Many teenage boys like to dress in dark clothes, and as an option, they can choose curtains and the entire interior of the room in the same dark colors. It can be black, dark blue, emerald green and a deep shade of purple products, but here it is worth considering that with this choice it will be necessary to improve the artificial lighting of the room with additional lamps.
Check fabric for windows
The choice of color for curtains depends a lot on which side the windows face. The sun shines through the windows of the south side almost all day, and it can not always be helpful. Curtains of cold shades darken the light room: blue, green, purple or dark blue. The northern windows do not please with sunlight, and therefore you want to hang yellow or orange curtains in such a room. They will please you with bright colors and give the room warmth.
Turquoise curtains in a teenager's room
It doesn’t matter whether you like your son’s choice as a teenager or not, he should live in this room, and therefore the main thing is for the young guy to be comfortable and cozy here.

Important nuances when choosing textiles for a teenager's room

Curtains should:
to be strong. Believe me, even the calmest boy sometimes has a surge of strength and energy that needs to be thrown out immediately. Therefore, it is better to choose the fabric more durable, and the cornice to nail more reliably. In this case, the ideal option is curtains on the grommets.
easy to clean. Of course, the teenager has already come out of the age when he needs to be reminded of washing his hands. But the option "I forgot!" still valid, and it is not surprising that the curtains in the boy’s room can be used to wipe the computer monitor.
Practical curtains in the boy's bedroom
to be easy to manage. Adolescents are extremely busy people, and they just don’t have time to tinker with complicated hooks or small rope ropes. Don't want your son’s room looking messy due to a constantly warped curtain? Choose the simplest design.
long or short? For a teenager's room, it is better to choose short curtains. It is unlikely that you will design a nursery for a boy in the style of lush baroque or artsy Empire style. The style is modern in priority, and short curtains are simply created for the present.